Digitalnosti is a platform that supports entrepreneurs in Bulgaria by providing information and „know-how“ on topics related to digital marketing. The concept of the platform is to help people make decisions and give practical advice for the implementation of business. Any person who gains access to the platform agrees to the terms of its use.

The platform is a project of the „DIGITALOSTI“ foundation.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress 

My Role

Main brand identity and website designer

What skills I used to create the project

Brand identity conceptualization, logo design, mockup design, web design

Live website

R: 16

G: 122


R: 255

G: 255


Modern, yet localized

The main challenge with the concept of Digitalnosti was the midground the brand had to exist in.

On one hand, as a media whose sole mission was to educate and give information about the contemporary world of internet technologies and trends, it had to be modern, stylish and to represent the whole digital environment.

On the other hand, the brand, being positioned on the Bulgarian domain had to give the feeling of something local and familiar to people in the country.  That’s why I ended up combining a custom font, resembling slavic culture and alphabet with a recognizable symbol that has the vibe of something connecter to the digital world of the Internet.