Love, wine

Love, Wine is an organic cider and wine shop based in Berlin, Germany. The brand is a distributor of some of the best ciders and wines in the world.

It was my privilege to create all illustrations for their website, as well as some additional designs for posters, ad banners and social media post. It was a crazy adventure creating all these and I for sure had some of the best fun in my whole career making them up to this day.


Adobe Illustrator, Pen and paper sketching

My Role


What skills I used to create the project

Concept creation, character design, pattern desing, fantasy conceptualization

Live website

As trippy as possible

The request of the client was to make the designs „as trippy as it goes“ – weird, colorful, funky, modern and dynamic.
So, I pushed my fantasy and creativity in order to create an entirely new universe – the universe of the crazy Corgi and the Love, Wine brand. 

The result in the end was a bunch of crazy characters, weird scenes and vivid, colorful backgrounds. 

The Mascot

This is Maxi – the cutest, coolest corgi brand owner, who stays behind the branding and concept of Love, Wine.

Maxi is the heart and soul behind all processes, inspiration and a wiggly-tailed friend that helps withe every task. He is the model for all corgies that you will see in my illustrations.

Event poster illustrations