Pellet Box bulgaria

Pellet Box is an innovative Bulgarian startup, which focuses on delivering pellets directly to people’s homes as well as installing self-service pellet vending machines on various spots. 

When they started their business, I was hired to make their site, as well as to edit their promo video sales letter, which tales the audience the story of the brand and how the pellet distributing system works. 


Adobe Photoshop, WordPress 

My Role

Web designer and builder

What skills I used to create the project

Web design, rebranding, logo design, mockup design, web design

Live website

R: 98

G: 154



R: 58

G: 102

B: 29



R: 101

G: 161

B: 177


R: 255

G: 255


Fully responsive design

When designing a website, it’s crutial that the design is adapted to fit all different screen sizes and types. In this way all users would have the most optimal user experience when visiting the site, regardless of what device they are currently using. 

Full desktop design: